3D printer 70cm 4pin female – female DuPont jumper cable for Arduino


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Name: 3D printer 70cm 4Pin mother – mother jumper cables
Weight: 14g
Specification: 4Pin mother – mother, 70cm
The jumper may be used with any electronic items. Such as 3D printers, Arduino board, module.
Please note: the color is random, a large quantity favorably, welcome consultation!
The advantages of:
High quality connection customized, using 22AWG wire, copper wire inside a thick, can withstand the pressure of 2A current, 300V voltage. The insulation layer of the temperature range is very wide, can reach 80 degrees. Common connection thin copper wire is second to none. Not easy to pull off, the plug is also convenient, even if broken, their connection is convenient, common wire welding wire is very small, there is no way to connect.
According to the custom PCBA 3D printer. The plug is designed with RAMPS1.4, and can also be used for any other electronic project. If the motherboard, Arduino module.

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