3D printer AD597 K type thermocouple temperature control interface board Ultimaker/ramps available


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Product Name: 3D printer AD597 K type thermocouple interface board Ultimaker/ramps available
Weight: 20g
1, each of which will do the function test.
2, with a 3Pin 70cm connection, convenient to connect to the ramps1.4 using.
3, the official Wiki in the design of a two D1 tube (to prevent reverse power), lead to a pressure difference between both sides, so that the thermocouple output signal Sg, the motherboard end into a Sg+Vs, this will lead to inaccurate temperature measurement, we use 0 ohm version instead of the two pole tube, more accurate temperature measurement.
Special note:
1, and the official version is not exactly the same, the problems of poor correction of the official version of the pressure, with the 0 ohm resistor instead of D1 diode.
2, due to the low production, the welding difficulty is small, using manual welding.
Suitable for: ramps1.4 and Ultimaker can be used.
Shipping list: *1, 3Pin control panel module signal line anti-static bag package
Technical support and guarantee:
And the official Wiki products, http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Ultimaker%27s_v1.5.7_PCB is basically the same!
Do the power test before delivery, which can be used to ship.
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The use of methods on Ramp1.4:
1, modify the firmware Marlin Configuration.h modify the temperature distribution:
#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 -1
//AD595 and AD597 compatible, so -1 can be configured
2, modify the firmware Marlin pins.h ramps1.4 motherboard Pin port configuration, find, modify
#define TEMP_0_PIN 2
#define TEMP_0_PIN 3
Can not use the original thermistor / / pin port, can also choose pin port, it is recommended to choose A3 (D57), because the next happens to have 5V and GND pins, convenient connection.
3, the thermocouple is connected to the AD597 control panel, pay attention to positive and negative direction do not mistake, the signal line is inserted into the adapter plate.
4, the signal line is connected to the ramps Aux-1, the red line corresponding to 5V, GND, green or blue black corresponding signal line corresponding to D57


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