3D printer board MKS BT Bluetooth module Reprap control by Ramps1.4


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Product Name: MKS BT
MKS-BT is a customer base of Bluetooth module based on HC06 development for Ramps1.4, MKS-Gen 3D printer motherboard used directly.
Special note:
1, want to modify the MKS-BT module baud rate and other parameters, the need to purchase USB-TTL tools
2, modify the MKS-BT module of the baud rate, the need to modify the Marlin firmware, make sure the baud rate can not exceed 115200 baud rate of communication, suggestion.
3, remember, the Bluetooth module cannot write board, please use in debugging after.
4, Bluetooth distance is limited, if you are online printing, not too far away, or hit the half line, you white.
5, using the method of reference: http://flyway97.blog.163.com/blog/static/22203204120149179382318
Special note: each batch will do the function test, due to the low production, the welding difficulty is small, using manual welding.
Suitable for: ramps1.4 and MKS Gen can be used.
Invoice: control board module *1, independent anti static bag packaging

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