3D printer PCB hot bed Mk2b 12/24 dual power Mk2a upgrade large Congyou red plate


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Name: 3D PCB Heatbed MK2b reprap thermal printer bed products
Weight: 180g
This product advantage:
1, the whole plate through the optical circuit, detection circuit.
2, for supporting the thermal and electrical wiring, please buy “set temperature”
Technical support and guarantee:
1, and the official Wiki http://reprap.org/wiki/PCB_Heatbed compatible products!
If you have any problems welcome in Baidu Post Bar: http://tieba.baidu.com/makerbase we will reply as soon as possible
2, welcome to join the discussion group: 156492164.
Brief introduction:
MK2B than MK2A, 24V voltage support function, MK2B is currently the latest official version of the 24V machine. The whole system under 24V, can be used for more of the stepper motor, and a smaller loss. Is a development direction of next 3D printer. Is the latest version of Mk2a, a major upgrade of the 12V 24V dual power.
12V connection: a line connecting 1, another thread at the same time take 2, 3.
24V connection: a line connecting 2, another line is connected with 3 (1 with vacant).
The new version of the circuit, both connected to 12V, or 24V, power is stable.
1, the power can be compatible with 12V 24.
2, double plate, the other side has no wiring, heating uniform, smooth printing effect.
3, the connection is not positive and negative difference, free wiring.
Test report:
12V, with the increase of temperature, the current decline (physical knowledge: resistance increases with temperature change)
With 24V, the theoretical maximum current is less than 5A.
Dimensions 214mmx 214mm
Laminate FR4 1.6+-0.15mm
2 layer, 35 m copper GOLDEN VERSION
Red Soldermask both sides
White Silkscreen both sides
Power Input: 12V or 24V
Copper plated holes
Installation dimensions:

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