3D printing wireless router HLK-RM04 WIFI module MKS HLKWIFI V1.1 remote control for MKS TFT touch screen high stability

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  • Model Number:MKS HLKWIFI V1.1
  • Device:wifi chip
  • Function:wireless adapters
  • Protocol:TCP/IP


Name :  WIFI module  MKS HLKWIFI V1.1 remote control



MKS-HLKWIFI is created by MakerBase(MKS) based on HLK-RM04 module, which is

suitable for open-source 3D printer . Also, MKS-HLKWIFI is used for MKS Base

(updated version 1.2), MKS Gen, MKS Mini, MKS SBase, etc, those are

developed by MakerBase , as well as MKS TFT touch screen .



1. Based on strong and stable HLK-RM04 module.

2. Using on MKS motherboard directly .

3. Work with MKS TFT touch screen.

Notice: Due to undercurrent, MKS HLKWIFI can not work with Ramps1.4.


Please visit our github to download firmware:




1.Connect to Aux-1 of MKS TFT28.

2. Connect to Aux-1 on MKS BASE, MKS MINI, MKS SBASE, MKS GEN.

MKS BASE only supports V1.2  updated version.




Usage on Motherboard 

1.Connect WIFI module to AUX-1


2.Search for WIFI hotspot and connect.

1).Search hotspot HI-LINK-XXXX, and connect. Password: 12345678;

2).If you can not find the hotspot , press on button of module for 10 seconds,

then restore factory settings.

3).Attention: under default , the baud rate of HLKWIFI is 115200, which

must be as the same as firmware .


3. Configuration on MKS HLKWIFI

1).After enter HI-LINK-XXXX, connect to IP: //;

2).Log in :  accounts: admin;  password : admin.

3).Proceed network configuration and modify the Client you need.

4).Any other help, please refer to HLK-RM04 user manual 1.31.pdf.






Use Printrun to print by remote control 

Input  WIFI IP : 8080




Use Repetier-Host to print by remote control 

Choose TCP / IP connection



Use APP to control the printer 






MKS HLKWIFI Works With MKS TFT28 Touch Screen

mks_config. TXT  Wifi configuration (MKS TFT28 only supports

V1.1 updated version)


The Wifi mode selection :

1.The Wifi mode selection

Change the value behind the colon of “cfg_wifi_mode” into the Wifi network you need (“1” is AP mode, “0” is client mode) .


2. The wifi configuration of client mode  

A. wifi name: change the Wifi name behind the colon of “cfg_wifi_ap_name”  into your wireless network.

B. wifi password: change the Wifi password behind the colon of “cfg_wifi_key_code” into your wireless network’s password.

C. Dynamic accessing IP: set the value behind the colon of “cfg_ip_dhcp_flag” into you need (“0” indicates static IP, “1” indicates dynamic IP).

D.IP: change the IP behind the colon “cfg_ip_address” into you need.

E. IP mask: change the IP mask behind the colon of “cfg_ip_mask” into you need.

F. Gateway IP: change the gateway behind the colon of “cfg_ip_gate” into you need.


3.Wifi configuration instruction on AP module

A. Wifi name : change the WIFI name behind “cfg_wifi_ap_name” into the hotspot name you need .

B. WIFI password : change the WIFI password behind “cfg_wifi_key_code” into password of  wifi hotspot, and save it .


Connect to the HLKWIFI module :




Check the network : disconnected 






Use APP to Control Printer











Additional information

Weight 0.017 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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