TB6600 42/57/86 stepper motor driver 4.5A 40V single axis stepper motor common cathode


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Name: CNC  MKS TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Controller



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MKS TB6600



High performance, cost-effective. Automatic idle-current reduction. Supply voltage up to 45V DC Output current up to 4.5A. Can be used on ramps(need mks cd),mks gen and so on.




  • PWM chopper-type single-chip bipolar sinusoidal micro-step stepping motor driver.
  • BiCD 0.13 (50 V) process, Lower Ron: 0.4 Ω(typ.).
  • Output withstand voltage: VCC = 50 V.
  • Output current: IOUT = 5.0 A (absolute maximum ratings, peak, within 100ms);IOUT = 4.5 A (operating range, maximal. value);More Stepper motors
  • Thermal shut down (TSD) protection.
  • Under voltage lock out (UVLO) protection.
  • Over-current detection (ISD) protection.
  • Double input port: Anti-reverse structure IDC haeder( 8pin symmetrical input) & HT-396-4pin input (suit for DIY).
  • Stepless adjustable reference voltage.
  • Compatible the CNC Stepper Motor.
  • Offer an solution to change your CNC to 3D Printer.
  • Board size: 50.5*50mm ; Carry 50*50*23mm aluminum Heat sink which build-in fix hole and connection hole.
  • Auto half current, energy conservation.
  • Photoelectric-isolation used in the input port, compatible more drive Level.
  • Programmable micro step – 1/1, 1/2A, 1/2B, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16.
  • Affordable price.



 MKS TB6600 board.JPG  

MKS TB6600 board




MKS TB6600 Back                                  



Settings of Driver



 MKS TB6600 Connector







Connect direct




Connect with MKS CD 

MKS CD.jpg



MKS TB6600 Size



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