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Product performance indicators


1.     Support manual mode, attitude mode, GPS mode.

2.     One key automatically return landing.

3.     Manual, attitude, GPS three working modes support headless mode.

4.     Electronic compass only involved in the GPS mode and headless mode.  Reducing the crash risk after compass interference.

5.     During automatically return, can be shift to manual mode without dial any function key(switch).

6.     When the multi – rotor aircraft is out of control, optional choose automatic return or fixed hover. Need to set the remote control out of control to achieve these functions.

7.     Perfect support large paddle large aircraft frame, to meet the needs of users of large load machinery.

Function Description
Output Electronic governor control frequency: 400HZ
Hover accuracy Level: ± 2.5 m, vertical: ± 1 m
Max ail rudder angular velocity 150°/S
Maximum tilt angle 30°
Maximum lifting speed 3.4m/s
Frame support +4, X4, +6, X6, Y6
Operating system Windows XP, Win7, Win8
Remote control requirements At least 6 channels with “out of control” protection.

*Suggest two channels are three-stage switch channel.

Operating temperature -10℃~50℃
Operating Voltage 4.5~5.5V

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