3D printer Endstop optical limit switches RAMPS 1.4


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Name: Optical Endstop optical limiting optical switch using RAMPS 1.4 3D printer
Weight: 13g
The advantages of:
High quality switching element.
High quality connection customized, using 22AWG wire, copper wire inside is very thick, can be resistant to 2A current, 300V voltage. The insulating layer has a wide range of temperature can reach 80 degrees. Common connection thin copper wire is second to none. Not easy to pull off, the plug is convenient, easy to use, on the other side of the plug to development, can be used directly.
Technical support and guarantee:
1, and the official Wiki product!
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The kit includes:
1) a piece of optical switch optical sensor,
2) connecting line 3 pin 70CM

The kit does not include:
Install screws
Plastic shell
Brief introduction:
Optical switch is a can be used for any type of 3D printer /CNC/3D tools reliable stop / switch solution.
It is a modified version of the seventh generation switch (2.1 OptoEndstop), the following principles: Design Based on http://www.instructables.com/id/Improved-Optical-End-Stop/
Under normal circumstances tips: system at least 3 optical switch configuration.
Advantages: using optical transmission principle design, no loss, no noise, long life, more than one hundred thousand times.
Disadvantages: users need to select the appropriate accessories installed themselves according to the actual situation, see below (the optional accessories shop I no sale):




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