3D printer Reprap fan 40*40*10mm fan dual ball ultra quiet


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Product Name: 3D printer Reprap fan 40*40*10mm fan
Weight: 10g
Suitable for: 3D printer.
Features: high temperature, double ball, ultra quiet
Technical support and guarantee:
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1, rated voltage of Rated Voltage:12V
2, Rated Current + 0.02A:0.50 rated current
3, the rated speed (normal temperature) Rated Speed + 10%:4500RPM
4, rated power Rated Power:0.35W
5, start voltage Start (ON/OFF) Voltage:10.0V
6, volume AirFlow:4.3CFM
7, Operating Voltage Range:10.2-13.8V voltage range
8 Static pressure: 10.3mmH2O, static pressure
9, the volume level of Noise: level = 21.0dBA
10, Operating – Temperature operating temperature: ~70 degree centigrade
11, Temperature: of-40 Storage temperature ~70 DEG C
12, Bearing System:Ball Bearing bearings
13, life of Life – Span: 50000Hours

Production process:
1, PCB: ZS4010-24 (advanced glass fiber board)
2, IC: America, Mo g (model: US79)
3 ball: imported NMB ball
4, line frame:0.04*280T


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