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The 3D Printing Pen Ver.2015(2nd Edition)Package includes following:
1.1x 3D Printing Pen
2.1x 110-240V Power Adapter
3.Free 1.75mm ABS or PLA Filament with random colors, 10 gram per loop
Product Features:
1.Intelligence auto standby mode after 5 minutes idling
2.Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
3.Power input: 12V 3A
4.Heating temperature: 160-230 degree adjustable
5. With advanced thermal control, filaments jamming detection, and super silence design
6.The slender pen body suits hands use
7.The speed can be changed by single finger
8.Plastic heats up and then cools to a solid shape
9.A wonderful gift for creative children and adults

Safety and Warning Instruction
1. This 3d pen is suitable for children above 8 years old and adult; Children should use it under the guardian of adult.
2. The nozzle and surrounding area can reach a 230 degree high temperature; keep your bare hands away from the nozzle.

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