3D Ramps1.4 printer Reprap RRD fan extended 3D printer fan module


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Product Name: Introduction
If you build or upgrade your printer and a double (2) includes a heating bed all the output ports (D8, D9, D10) will be used. In this case, there is no choice to control the fan plate directly connected firmware. However, in the sprint /Marlin firmware has an option to have (Marlin: board = 34), the fan ramp output D4. But this scheme requires a “buffer / driver” for work.
The maximum 20V
2 (PWM) of the channel (D6/D11)
The maximum 0.5A per channel (enough for a big fan of real)
The output voltage of the flexible (you can connect RRD FAN extensions to support the output voltage of 12V, you need 5V,…)
Easy to install (plug and play)
Support Marlin firmware (select “No. definition motherboard easy adapapt other firmware (such as sprint: just change” FAN_PIN6 pins.h “in the definition of” “)
For more information please visit:
Http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Reprap_Ramps1.4_RRD_Fan_Extender (copied to the address bar to open)


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