HyperCube 3D Printer kit (X200*Y200*Z155)(free shipping)


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T-Slot 2020 (Slot/Type 6) Aluminium Extrusion Profiles for X200 x Y200 x Z155 print bed area
(Note: If you intend to make a larger print area, then increase the length of the 2020 extrusions AND rods for each axis by the difference)

4 x 340mm (X)
4 x 303mm (Y)
4 x 350mm (Z)
2 x 285mm (Bed)
1 x 135mm (Bed)


60 x M5 x 8mm button head screws
60 x M5 x 10mm button head screws
2 x 100pcs T-Slot M5 hammer nuts
3 x 10pcs Aluminium Corner Brackets

CoreXY + Z + Bowden Drive System:

2 x 8mmx300mm Hardened Steel smooth rod (choose 300mm length) for Y axis
2 x 8mmx350mm Hardened Steel smooth rod (choose 350mm length) for Z axis
2 x 10mmx360mm Anodised Alu tube OR Carbon Fibre X axis
1 x 10pcs Self Lubricating Bushing or for Carbon Fibre tubes Igus JSM-1012-10
4 x LM8UU linear bearing for Z axis
2 x LM8LUU linear bearing for Y axis
1 x T8 300mm Lead Screw
1 x 5x8mm Aluminium Flexible Shaft Coupler
2 x 10pcs F623ZZ Flange Bearing
1 x 5M GT2 Belt
1 x 2Pcs 2GT-20 Teeth Timing Pulley
1 x Teflon PTFE Tube (1m)
1 x MK7 Extruder Gear
1 x Push Fit Connector M5

45 x M3 x 10mm pan head screws
45 x M3 x 20mm pan head screws
2 x M3 x 6mm pan head screws
2 x M3 x 35mm pan head screws
35 x M3 Nyloc nuts
35 x M3 Hex nuts
Motors, Electronics and Accessories:

4 x NEMA17 Stepper Motor
1 x 3pcs Endstop Switch
1 x MKS Base all in one board 2004LCD
1 x 12V DC 50mm Blow Radial Cooling Fan
1 x Heatbed Aluminium MK3 12V 24V
1 x 12V 30A 360W Switching Power Supply
1 x Thermistor 100K With 1M Cable for Heat Bed
1 x DC power wire (choose 14AWG)
1 x 10M Tinned Copper 22AWG 2 Pin Red Black
1 x 5pcs Bed levelling screw/spring/knob
1 x E3Dv6 (1.75mm long)
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