MKS-LV8729-OC V1.0 high fine step motor drive


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1, working voltage DC 9V-32V. Recommended using DC12V or DC24V switching power supply.

2, using high speed optocoupler, high speed without loss.

3, the use of SANYO LV8729 new original chip, there are over-current protection circuit, the maximum support for 128.

4, maximum current: 1.5A.

5, subdivision: 16/32/64/128

6, automatic half flow function.

7, a variety of input methods, to meet the needs of various interfaces

8, the use of heat sink, good heat dissipation.

9, volume: 75*48 (mm) maximum 22.5MM

1 working voltage DC 9V-32V, it is recommended to use DC12V or DC24V switching power supply.         

2  A total of 2 Yin and two differential input mode switch through the 6 dial switch, 6 dial switch is 1 times for a total of Yin input methods, the use of white 4Pin input terminal; when dialing code switch 0 differential input mode, and a total of yin and Yang of the graft. See connection diagram.         

  3.1, 2 dial switch for subdivision settings, and the 3, 4, 5 dial switch for the current settings, and the input for the selection of the detailed figure 6          

Dial the code switch to the number of 0, dial to ON is 1, subdivision, current, input method settings are as follows:

in marlin  firmware configuration.h

#define X_ENABLE_ON 0
#define Y_ENABLE_ON 0
#define Z_ENABLE_ON 0
#define E_ENABLE_ON 0
#define X_ENABLE_ON 1
#define Y_ENABLE_ON 1
#define Z_ENABLE_ON 1
#define E_ENABLE_ON 1


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