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1,Pixhawk/PPZ/MK/MWC/PPM Encoder PPM built-in IMU independent seismic design, the first generation of Pixraptor using silica gel platform, the second generation of Pixraptor reference design of Pixhawk V3, with foam damping system, using a supporting IMU module, IMU module and plate clip gauge filter sponge. In addition, according to feedback, the new version has also been referred to the V3 circuit to increase the IMU sensor power supply system pressure relief, to ensure that the LSM303D repeat power on time reset.

2, all the DF13 device interface to integrate Pixhawk to the side, the wiring is more beautiful and convenient, all DF13 interface devices are compatible with the original Pixhawk device interface definitions are exactly the same, which only omits the DF13 external USB interface function, this function can achieve through a micro USB male and female extension line, the original DF13 USB interface is only a parallel in a branch of the internal USB interface.

3, the LED indicating lamp post, because the original Pixhawk LED status indicator is a top emitting display, make our normal flight or flight control is installed in the mezzanine, I cannot see the light of LED, must use an external LED display module. Therefore, we will led module board is transferred to the rear side, so that no external LED module can also see the flight control LED state, the rear side of the LED settings are more in line with conventional people took off in the rear of the plane is operating the aircraft operating habits. Of course, you can still use the traditional external LED module inserted into the flight control I2C interface external display.

4, to solve the problems in the application of Pixhawk, we build some component parameters, such as the Pixhawk2.4.5 version of Schottky easy to burn the receiver power supply pipe, the Schottky IO system and common receiver power supply diode, while the 2.4.6 version of improved design, using two separate Schottky independent power supply, but the design of each Schottky the maximum current is 500mA, there is still a risk of damage to the flow.

Performance characteristics

■32 – bit STM32F427 Cortex-M4F core processor (integrated FPU)

■32 – bit STM32F100 coprocessor (independent control, support the main processor failure when only using fixed wing)

■ 14 PWM servo signal output (manual control, 8 Road 6 road support failure protection when the auxiliary output, compatible with high voltage actuator)

■-have a large number of external equipment interface options (including a number of UART, I2C, CAN, SPI etc.)

■- integrated backup system supports air and manually restart over the core processor for manual control, backup system has independent power systems (only the use of fixed wing)

■In the backup system can achieve automatic driving and manual operation of automatic mixture control (only using fixed wing)

■In support of multi power and power supply and automatic selection of one of the best set of input

■- co processor equipped with external independent safety switch and LED status indicator

■- onboard full-color OSRAM LED status indicator, if necessary, external

■- external high voltage piezoelectric buzzer

■- equipped with high speed TF card to expand storage log

Sensor configuration:

■ST – Micro L3GD20H 16 gyro

■- InvenSense MPU6000 six axis gyro accelerometer

■ST – Micro LSM303D 14 accelerometer magnetometer

■MEAS – MS5611 barometer

Interface configuration:

■- 5 UART serial port configuration, serial port 1 to support high power output, serial port 1 and 2 support hardware flow control

■- 2 CAN bus output (CAN1 with internal 3.3V transceiver, CAN2 serial interface in composite 3)

■Compatible with Spektrum / DSM2 / DSM – DSM-X satellite receiver input

■Futaba S.BUS – compatible input and output bus

■PPM – pulse position modulation signal input

■ RSSI input signal strength indicator (PWM mode or voltage mode)

■- 1 I2C output, can be extended to multi-channel distribution boards

■- 1 SPI output

■In 1 3.3V and 1 6.6V ADC input

Power supply and protection measures

LTC4417 – three priority power control system, a simple scheme is better than the traditional diode

– servo interface supports high voltage and high current (up to 7V)

– all output interface are equipped with over-current protection, input interface is provided with ESD ESD protection


– weight: 63 grams (containing 8 grams of built-in check shock weight)

– Length: 78MM

– width: 49MM

– high: 21MM

Additional information

Weight 0.063 kg
Dimensions 78 × 49 × 21 cm


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