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Software & Doc




MKSPAD 7inch spanish software(apk)(20180705)


MKS TFT70 firmware(2017.11.14)


TFT28 32_V3.0.0_WIN8(201711)

2.8-inch touch screen support Thumb driver MKS TFT28 Firmware Ver3.0(201709)

3D printer MKS Pad 7 inches touch screen firmware(2017)


-all English language support.


Marlin 3D Printer Firmware(VER 1.1.0-RC8-6)(Dec 2016)

Marlin 1.1.0-RC8 – 6 Dec 2016

– RC8 – 06 Dec 2016
– Major performance improvement for Graphical LCDs
– Simplified probe configuration
– Enable Auto Bed Leveling by type
– Reduce serial communication errors
– Make Bilinear (Mesh) Grid Leveling available for non-delta
– Support for Trinamic TMC2130 SilentStepStick SPI-based drivers
– Add `M211` to Enable/Disable Software Endstops
– Add `M355` to turn the case light on/off and set brightness
– Improved I2C class with full master/slave support
– Add `G38.2` `G38.3` command option for CNC style probing
– Add `MINIMUM_STEPPER_PULSE` option to adjust step pulse duration
– Add `R` parameter support for `G2`/`G3`
– Add `M43` optional command (`PINS_DEBUGGING`)
– Remove SCARA axis scaling
– Improved sanity checking of configuration
– Improved support for PlatformIO and command-line build
– Support for Printrbot Rev.F
– New and updated languages


Marlin 3D Printer Firmware 1.0.2-2004




MKS Pad7 user manual(2017)

MKS PAD is a new independent development,is an integrated model display、cloud prints、online slicing、remote monitoring and other multi-functional one of the 3D print display.

Features advantages

  • 7-inch full color capacitive screen, high resolution, touch sensitive and accurate;
  • Built-in model library, online print layer slices, modify the print layer slice parameters;
  • Support WIFI function, phone remote control, computer wireless control print;
  • Can print STL files and Gcode files directly;
  • Support camera, remote monitoring printing process;
  • Can load Gcode model preview, print progress graph display;
  • Support local storage files, USB drive files, SD card file printing;
  • Can send instructions, always check the motherboard feedback information;


M LITE assistant and Quick start manual(PDF)(DOCX)