3D printer RAMPS 1.4


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Product Name: 3D printer RAMPS 1.4 control board Control Reprap MendelPrusa printer
Weight: 80g
Fine box for foreign trade
Advantages: each piece will do the factory test and the test of the function of the machine, the quality is better than the first batch of.
For objects: 3D printers have Mendel Prusa.
Shipping list: control board module *1 chip


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Advantages: with the a4988 driver and Atmega 2560 combination, easy to assemble and debug, performance over melzi too much. Unlike melzi and other integrated motherboard, once a certain parts damage, disassembly maintenance trouble.
As a 3D printer, the need to support the circuit module:
Arduino 2560 CPU core board
RAMPS 1.4 control main control board
A4988 driver board stepper motor driver module (single head 4, double headed 5)
LCD LCD controller can be LCD LCD control, SD card printing (optional)




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