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Welcome to 3dpmav. The custom made 3d printer will give you the most extensibility and realistically way to do. Available to make H structure printer and also XYZ axis structure. Both H structure and XYZ axis structure can print L 300mm x W 300mm x H 300mm, while XYZ axis structure can be extend to print L 300mm x W 300mm x H 400mm.

This custom 3d printer by using 2020, 2040, 3030 aluminum extrusion to make sure our product can meet the expectation of lightweight with strong structure that you can build and trust on.

The package which included:

  1. MKS base v1.5 control board
  2. MGN12H linear rail
  3. 42 size NEMA 17 stepper motor
  4. 16mm round axis
  5. MKS TFT screen (Optional, can be select 3.2’’ screen or 7’’ screen). Will give you the fixability to work on when you start build.

Once you email us the option that you choose, we will process your order as soon as possible. (Mostly two weeks from the day with purchase) Shipping can be select between FedEx or DHL.

We had been tested this platform, and it work well. So, as always, you don’t need to worry about the usability from the time that you purchased from 3dpmav.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.




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