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2015 Shenzhen international maker week

(Use machine translation, translation is not accurate)

In Shenzhen the “hardware” Hollywood, a customer for a variety of bizarre shaped. And these ideas, it symbolizes Shenzhen ambition — from “Shanzhai”(copy) to “design” to “innovation”. And the city business for many years, a huge lineup of scientific and technological innovation strength compared to a passenger volume may still insignificant, but they are the trends of technological innovation and regional innovation environment is most sensitive to a group of, is the wind vane, the harvest is. In this hot in June, Shenzhen a ring off ushered in a major event — the first Shenzhen International maker week will be on June 18 to 22 hot debut, gathered more than 40 countries maker gathered together, a total of Xiang Chong Hakka cultural feast.
The 2015 Shenzhen international maker week “maker Shenzhen” as the theme, the theme of the forum, professional exhibition, creating workshops and maker the contest and other forms, held Maker Faire Shenzhen exchange system section, micro assembly Laboratory (Fab Lab), “a guest experience exhibition and the future”, high peak Forum cross strait passenger power exhibition, international micro assembly test room (Shenzhen), Congress authorized the World Marathon record passenger, the global intelligent hardware maker the camp and Shenzhen Bay business square open street ceremony, “Longgang public record” series of activities, the backpacker space station launch ceremony “with Shenzhen and create” creating works International, creating open and 14 theme activities, build open source innovation, intelligent manufacturing, wearable devices, robots, 3D printing and other popular areas, gathered from around the world hardware engineers, programmers, designers, and lovers, with ideas and ideas of the people and share the experience and experience. With Shenzhen international record a week this platform to promote Shenzhen to become the world’s hardware Silicon Valley, Shenzhen will be built into a global innovation center.

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