3D Reprap MKS CTR printer controller anti-interference SD card available in 12864 and 2004


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Product Name: MKS CTR intelligent plate interference
Special note:
1, the reprap standard 2004LCD built-in SD card, SD card as the data transmission rate, SD data transmission to the motherboard through data transmission lines, vulnerable to interference, the main performance is inexplicable machine downtime, or the print head running.
2, the main solution is the data line with copper foil shield grounding, and data lines as short as possible, but still can not completely solve the problem of interference.
3, a passenger base teyan issued MKS CTR anti interference plate to solve the transmission problem of data processing due to interference of the SD card, the use of professional chip, the chip cost has more than 20 yuan, so the price is more expensive.
4, MKS CTR can be directly connected to 2004LCD or 12864LCD, but the SD card slot is effective independent set with SD card slot, SD card slot with 2004LCD and 12864LCD is invalid.
5, the program mainly solves the interference problem of the SD card, belonging to customized products, if necessary please explain in advance.
Kit contains the following:
1.MKS CTR adapter plate 1
3.FC 3 (20CM)
Note: insert the SD card SD card offline printing, please bring your own, this product does not contain!
Technical support and guarantee:
Do the power test before delivery, which can be used to ship.
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Instructions for use:
1, can be used directly in the MKS Gen, MKS Base (V1.2 MKS, MINI above version).
2: if used in Ramps1.4, L need to add a special adapter plate, please find the service will provide.

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