3spools esun elw-pla filament(free shipping)


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ePLA-LW features:

1. Low density, up to 0.54g/cm³;

2. Foaming volume ratio 220%, for printing the same volume model, 1 roll of ePLA-LW can be used as 2.2 rolls of ordinary PLA;

3. Foaming makes layer lines basically invisible, and the surface of the printed item is matte and delicate; at about 210-270℃, this material starts to foam during printing, increasing the volume by nearly 1.2 times, and the printing extrusion rate can be reduced to 45% to print lightweight parts.

4. The strength and foaming ratio can be adjusted freely;

5. Possess excellent interlayer strength, explosion resistance and easy repair;

6. The printed model is easy to paint and has strong surface adhesion.

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