APM/PIX/Pixhawk/Pixhack OSD module


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Note: This OSD can only be used in the APM, such as the support of the mavlink protocol flight control, can not be connected to the use of GPS, can only read the mavlink protocol.

If it is used alone, please connect the TX RX to APM

If it is even with the use of several passes, the definition of the OSD TX is not connected directly to RX

This OSD is an automatic identification camera video format. But if you do not pick up the camera, you can have a spot on the back of the camera to choose when the output of the standard. Default is N, the PAL welding is the PAL output

MinimOSD, is based on Arduino OSD. This is specifically designed for the ArduPilot MEGA and the MAVlink protocol for flight control

Its main component is a Arduino ATmega328 and MAX7456 monochrome screen overlay chip. Programming is accomplished by means of a FTDI compatible 6 pin connector.

The simulation stage it features two independent power supply and ground isolation OSD function: digital phase of a 5 V part of the ATMEGA and OSD function, through the cable to FTDI or the other 5 V source power supply; simulation stage and a stabilized 5 V OSD function through video / output. Joint, can handle up to +12 V input power supply. Welding jumper, power supply and ground two parts together, if necessary.


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