Pixraptor v5


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Performance characteristics

■32 – bit STM32F765Cortex-M4F core processor M7.216MHz.2MB memory.512kb RAM(integrated FPU)

■32 – bit STM32F100 coprocessor M3.24Mhz.8KB SRAM

■ 14 PWM servo signal output (manual control, 8 Road 6 road support failure protection when the auxiliary output, compatible with high voltage actuator)

■-have a large number of external equipment interface options (including a number of UART, I2C, CAN, SPI etc.)

■- integrated backup system supports air and manually restart over the core processor for manual control, backup system has independent power systems (only the use of fixed wing)

■In the backup system can achieve automatic driving and manual operation of automatic mixture control (only using fixed wing)

■In support of multi power and power supply and automatic selection of one of the best set of input

■- co processor equipped with external independent safety switch and LED status indicator

■- onboard full-color OSRAM LED status indicator, if necessary, external

■- external high voltage piezoelectric buzzer

■- equipped with high speed TF card to expand storage log

Sensor configuration:


■ Accel/Gyro:ICM-20602



■MEAS – MS5611 barometer

Interface configuration:

■- 5 UART serial port configuration, serial port 1 to support high power output, serial port 1 and 2 support hardware flow control

■- 2 CAN bus output (CAN1 with internal 3.3V transceiver, CAN2 serial interface in composite 3)

■Compatible with Spektrum / DSM2 / DSM – DSM-X satellite receiver input

■Futaba S.BUS – compatible input and output bus

■PPM – pulse position modulation signal input

■ RSSI input signal strength indicator (PWM mode or voltage mode)

■- 1 I2C output, can be extended to multi-channel distribution boards

■- 1 SPI output

■In 1 3.3V and 1 6.6V ADC input

Power supply and protection measures

LTC4417 – three priority power control system, a simple scheme is better than the traditional diode

– servo interface supports high voltage and high current (up to 7V)

– all output interface are equipped with over-current protection, input interface is provided with ESD ESD protection


– weight: 63 grams (containing 8 grams of built-in check shock weight)

– Length:66MM

– width: 45MM

– high: 17MM

Additional information

Weight 0.063 kg
Dimensions 78 × 49 × 21 cm


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