LimeSDR software radio platform(free shipping)


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Shipping list :
(1) LimeSDR nude plate * 1
(2) aluminum alloy shell * 1 set (including screws, side panels)
(3) 40MHz-6GHz band rod antenna * 4
(4) the IPX turns a SMA head and turns the wiring * 4 roots
(5) data line * 1 root
1. Shell installation, antenna switching wiring and antenna installation, USB cable connection [note that you must install 4 antennas for testing when testing!] (1) the panel is disassembled, and the board is fixed in the shell card slot with the screw nut and part.
(2) install the antenna switch and antenna, and the RF interface is used by default: receive the antenna to connect rx1_L rx2_L, and transmit the antenna to tx1_1 tx2_1. TX1_1 -Channel 1 tx-primary (all frequencies), TX2_1 Channel 2 tx-primary (all frequencies), RX1_L- Channel 1 RX – frequencies below 1.5ghz, RX2_L- Channel 2 RX – frequencies below 1.5ghz


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