HackR One


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(1) HackRF One bare plate * 1

(2) HackRF One yakeli or acrylic full package shell or aluminum alloy shell * 1 set (depending on customer choice)

(3) HackRF One special masking mask * 1 (shielding cover has been soldered to the board without customer’s own welding)

(4) HackRF SMA antenna * 4 roots (HackRF broadband antenna 40MHz- 860MHz, 40MHz-6GHz pull-rod antenna, 2G/3G/4G suction antenna, 2.4G/5G/5.8G antenna, each one, covering all experimental frequencies)

(5) HackRF external high-precision TCXO clock PPM0.1 GPS special * 1 (GPS experiment external clock module)

(6) LG MicroUSB data line * 1 root

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