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The 32 bit high speed ARM chip is used as the main control chip;

Can be selected with 2.8 inch or 3.2 inch TFT touch screen, simple interface, high sensitivity;

Through the SD card upgrade firmware configuration, simple and convenient operation;

Support the boot logo, custom user interface;

The motor flexible driving seat, can support 4988,8825 and a variety of line drive, and other support external drive, to meet your various driving requirements;

The circuit board with 4 layers of high quality, and the optimization of processing special cooling;

The high quality of MOSFET tube, the better radiation effect;

The special power chip, 12V-24V power input;

Can accept 24V input power, the same system can decrease the hot bed current to 1/4, effectively solve the heating problem of heat pipe bed MOS;

Considering the stability, heat dissipation, ease of use, after continuous printing reliability test;           ”

Power continued to support play (additional modules), cutting test.

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