3D printer 42 two-phase four-wire stepper motor 1.8 ° RepRap standard


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Name: 3D printer RepRap 42 two-phase four wire stepper motor

Weight: 350g

The advantages of:

1 well-known professional stepper motor factory Changzhou motion control design,excellent workmanship.

2 special custom 3D printer stepper motor.

3 large torque, high precision, small vibration and noise.

4 motor wiring terminals directly with Ramps 1.4 perfect matching, core copper wirediameter, good tensile strength, the length of 70cm can basically meet the needs ofmost models use.

The 5 and the 4988 stepper motor driver chips with perfect matching.

The conventional indexes and parameters:

/Step angle 1.8 degree step angle

Step angle accuracy of /Positions Accuracy + 5%

The number of /Phase 2

Rotor inertia /Rotor Inertia 68 (gf-cm2)

The weight of /weight 0.35 (kg)

Keep distance /Holding Torque 4 (kg.cm)

Nominal resistance / Rated Resistance/Phase 22 + 10% (Ohm)

The rated current is Rated / Current/Phase 0.4 (A)

Rated voltage of Rate Voltage 8.8v



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