Arduino MEGA2560 R3 development board with case(2012 ATMEGA16U2, the new version, the official version)


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Product Name: Arduino MEGA2560 2012 R3 Edition
Weight: 70g
Send 30cm or 50cm USB line, plus 4.5 yuan to replace 1.5 meters USB line
Is the latest version of the MEGA series Arduino controller, and the difference between the 2011 versions are as follows:
1 ATMEGA16U2 is used to replace the 2011 version of the ATMEGA8U2 ISP, FLASH capacity doubled, to more powerful expansion, development needs. In addition to the traditional ATMEGA16U2 USB to serial port function, also can let users define other programming functions, such as USB can be configured as a mouse, keyboard, joystick, camera and so on, of course, these applications also need the Arduino team to announce specific implementation plan.
2 external interface increased SDA, SCL in the 2011 Version (based on the position of the left side of the AREF). The IOREF interface can provide a reference voltage Shield. And in order to consider future compatibility products IOREF left aside for a port.
The 3.RESET circuit is somewhat better than version 2011. To prevent accidental reset RESET, RESET circuit is more stable.
Arduino Mega introduction:
Arduino Mega is a core to ATmega2560 microcontroller development board, has 54 sets of figures I/O input/output end (of which 14 group can be PWM, 16 groups of simulation output) than the input, 4 groups of UART (hardware serial ports), using 16 MHz crystal oscillator. As with bootloader, so USB can be used directly to download the program without other external programmer. The power supply part can be selected by the USB supply, or use AC-to-DC adapter as external power supply and battery.
Because of the open source code, and using the concept of Java (cross platform) of the C language development environment, let Arduino peripheral module and application for rapid growth. The main reason is to attract Artist using Arduino can quickly use Arduino language and Flash or Processing… Software communication, making multimedia interactive works. The development of Arduino IDE interface based on the principle of open source code, can let you free to download and use in special production, school teaching, motor control, interactive works etc..
Power supply design
The power supply system of Arduino Mega have two kinds of choices, USB direct power supply or external power supply. Automatic switching power supply will be. The external power supply can choose AC-to-DC or adapter battery, the limit voltage range control board for 6V~12V, but if the supply voltage is less than 6V, I/O port may not provide to the 5V voltage, so there will be unstable; if the supply voltage is greater than 12V, voltage stabilizing device will likely overheat protection, are more likely to damage Arduino MEGA. The power supply operation proposed for 6.5~12V, 7.5V or 9V power supply is recommended
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