CNC Laser engraving machine diy kit can be carved offline


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Product parameter
Overall size: 430*430*330mm
Machine travel: 240*170*65mm (maximum height of workpiece 75mm)
Table size: 280*160mm
Whole machine net weight: about 6.5kg (excluding power supply and other accessories)
Packing weight: 8kg or so
Packing size: 350*190*230mm
Input power: DC12V
System requirements: winXP-win10 (video cards need to support OpenGL2.0 or more)
Positioning accuracy: 0.1mm (low speed machining accuracy of about 0.2)

Material composition: aluminum profile (complete frame), PVC plastic (optical axis support), PLA plastic (Z axis component, 3D printing)

Product accessory:
*1Mechanical engraving machine spindle motor power ,
*1 data line,
*3 knife
*1Laser engraving machine spindle motor power ,
*1 data cable,
*1 laser knife,
*1 protective glasses,

Other features
* this machine is an entry learning DIY kit, not suitable for commercial processing, a full set of parts to do it yourself, with installation tutorial, you need a certain practical ability.
* need to know before buying is all CNC engraving machine just to execute G code for carving, and not directly enter drawings he carved (automatic laser engraving software we have dedicated directly into the picture can be carved), G code generation software has many users need to self-study, we provide tutorials and learning materials.
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